Malama Honua: Hokule'a -- A Voyage of Hope

Malama Honuaby Jennifer Allen (Author), John McCaskill (Illustrator), John Bilderback (Photographer)

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From the launch in Hawai'i in May 2014, around the world 60,000 miles, to 23 different countries, this beautiful hardcover book chronicles Hokule'a's epic mission to raise awareness of and nurture worldwide sustainability. Interwoven with descriptions of Hokule'a's experiences in port are the voices of the master navigators and crew members, who guide the ship along the ocean's trackless path using only stars, birds, wind, and seas -- non-instrumental wayfinding techniques-- and the local pioneers -- scientists, teachers, and children touched by Hokule'a' -- who work tirelessly to weather the many environmental challenges in our modern lives.

Time to Take Flight: The Savvy Woman's Guide to Safe Solo Travel

time to take flightBy Jayne Seagrave 

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Take it from a friend who knows: "travel is not scary or difficult for the mature single woman. Confidence and planning are the keys." 

Rome, Chicago, London, Vienna, Berlin . . . best-selling author and entrepreneur Jayne Seagrave has traveled there, and she's done it solo. With this guidebook, she has compiled information, tips, and tricks to share with mature women interested in seeing the world. 

The North Cascades Highway: A Roadside Guide Paperback

the-north-cascades-highwayby Jack McLeod (Author)

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Each year thousands of drivers travel Washington State's breathtakingly beautiful North Cascades Highway (State Route 20), observing the region's alpine flora and fauna and its dramatic geologic features. The North Cascades Highway, an illustrated natural history guide, helps travelers and readers to appreciate the deeper beauty behind the landscape.

Organized as a series of stops at eye-catching sites along eighty miles of the highway, The North Cascades Highway reveals the geological story of each location. Plate tectonics, rock formation, erosion, and glaciation are explored to show how the existing features of the North Cascades landscape came into being. The book describes how miners, climbers, and poets have been inspired by the geology and terrain of the North Cascades.

Hiking Washington's History

By Judy Bentley

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Hiking Washington's History reveals the stories embedded in Washington's landscape. This trail guide narrates forty historic trails, ranging from short day hikes to three or four-day backpacking trips over mountain passes. Every region in the state is included, from the northwesternmost tip of the continental United States at Cape Flattery to the remote Blue Mountains in the southeast. Each chapter begins with a brief overview of the region's history followed by individual trail narratives and historical highlights. Quotes from diaries, journals, letters, and reports, as well as contemporary and historic photographs, describe sites and trails from Washington's past. Each trail description includes a map and provides directions, so hikers can follow the historic route. Judy Bentley tells readers how to get there, what to expect, and what to look for.

Moon Olympic Peninsula

Moon Olympic PeninsulaCamping & Hiking
by Jeff Burlingame

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Author and Washington native Jeff Burlingame knows the best ways to enjoy the Olympic Peninsula, from strolling through the subalpine meadows and temperate rain forests of Olympic National Park to soaking and swimming at Sol Duc Hot Springs. Burlingame offers unique strategies so travelers can organize their trips around specific time restrictions and interests, such as A Long Weekend, Seven Days of Highlights, and—for Stephenie Meyer fans—Three Days of Twilight. With details on touring small towns, exploring the coast, and getting lost in nature, Moon Olympic Peninsula gives travelers the tools they need to create a more personal and memorable experience.

Grizzly Bears and Razor Clams

Grizzly Bears and Razor ClamsWalking America's Pacific Northwest Trail
by Chris Townsend

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This book tells the story of Chris Townsend's walk along the Pacific Northwest Trail, which runs for 1,200 miles from the Rocky Mountains to the Pacific Ocean, through the states of Montana, Idaho, and Washington. The trail is in its infancy; a mix of signed footpaths, abandoned old trails, dirt roads, animal tracks, and cross-country hikes that made route finding and hiking often quite difficult and sometimes potentially hazardous. Most nights were spent camped alone in the forests and mounts and the author often met no other hikers for many days at a time. The trail passes through some of the most magnificent landscapes in the US, many of which are featured here in the author's beautiful color photographs, all taken during the walk.